Company Overview

Grupo Canela, stands at the forefront of the International Spice Trade and together lead the global distribution of generationally perfected Ceylon cinnamon while supplying the finest, highly curated selection of exotic spices from around the world to major markets in The Americas and beyond.

History of Grupo Canela

The story of Grupo Canela begins in Sri Lanka with an ambitious father, eager to create a legacy to leave his four sons and daughter. This father, Mr. Peter De Silva, began the journey with an adept business mind and a single commerce cart piled high with fine Ceylon cinnamon. The success of this modest beginning led Peter’s children to realize that together they could form a powerful team, expanding their father’s goals beyond anything he had originally imagined.

The first step into international markets began over a half century ago with one consigned shipment of Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka to Europe. With pride, the hardworking and ambitious team hand-selected and carefully packed the lone container and shipped it onward into the sea.

With time, dedication and perseverance Peter’s son, Mr. Ravi De Silva embarked on a journey to the United States to began a further expansion of the company with its first American satellite in Los Angeles, California. Since then, Ravi has grown the company into an internationally recognized entity and founded the largest Ceylon cinnamon export company in the world.

Family is a key element that drives Grupo Canela and it is owed a large part of its success. From Ravi’s ambitious sons and loving wife, Rupa De Silva, to the dedicated Grupo Canela staff, family is what propels the company continually onward, beyond any-and-all original ambitions.


At Grupo Canela it is our mission to provide the highest quality herbs, spices, and seeds to markets both domestic and abroad. We are committed to enriching lives everywhere by promoting the health benefits intrinsic within the products we supply and by helping to fully flavor your family’s food with the finest ingredients that have both rich nutritional value and bold natural flavor. .

Our Values

At Grupo Canela we consistently strive for excellence and closely align ourselves with the following values that set the foundation for our company:

1. Source and distribute the highest quality fresh and natural products we can find.
2. Listen to the customer, learn their likes, adapt to their needs, exceed their expectations.
3. Promote health by sharing our knowledge of the wellness value of natural spices.
4. Continuously seek out new opportunities to grow and improve.
5. Give back to the community and make the world a better place.
6. Satiate hunger around the world, one bite at a time.