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When a death in the family occurs, probate matters are often the last thing someone wants to have to deal with.  Our estate and probate attorneys have experience in the entire range of estate and probate legal matters.  Whether it is a routine petition filed in the probate court so that real estate of the decedent can be sold and the decedent’s bank accounts transferred to an estate account, or whether there are disputes which must be resolved in litigation, we can help. 

Drafting a will and making your intentions known to your family members while you can is one of the most important things you can do for your family.  Our attorneys can help you understand which assets transfer on death (insurance policies where a beneficiary is named, a retirement account where a beneficiary is named, real estate titled “jointly with right of survivorship”) so that those assets are not included in your probate estate, and which assets will be a part of your probate estate.  Educating yourself on these matters can save your loved ones money, time and trouble. It pays to be proactive!