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Spinal Cord Injury

According to statistics compiled by the Mayo Clinic, 11,000 Americans per year are victims of spinal cord injuries. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Millions of Americans each year also suffer other types of serious injuries to the neck and back and the structures surrounding the spine due to the negligence of another person or company. If you or a loved one has sustained this type of injury, our spinal cord injury attorney team at Peachtree Law(Rowen & Klonoski, P.C.), litigates neck and back spinal cord injury claims throughout Georgia. We can help get you just compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. 

Spinal cord injuries can be catastrphic

Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. has handled dozens of catastrophic paraplegia and quadriplegia cases. The majority of the cases arise out of car, truck or motorcycle accidents but we have also recovered millions of dollars for clients that have been paralyzed by falls from ladders, deer hunting tree stands and sports related accidents. Sadly, with the advent of "extreme sports" of all kinds, we have had spinal injury cases resulting not only from automobile accidents, but skate board and wake board accidents, as well as sports equipment failure cases.

Spinal cord injuries occur when some type of trauma damages cells within the spinal cord or cuts the nerve ducts that relay signals to the extremities. Spinal cord injuries may damage or destroy the ability of the brain to communicate with the body. This can result in dysfunction of the limbs or a loss of sensitivity. Muscular pain, herniated discs, arthritic spurring, nerve stretching and nerve impingement can cause excruciating pain and may require extensive medical treatment coupled with prolonged physical therapy. Spinal cord injury can cause paralysis and permanent disability. Adapting to a new life after a spinal cord injury is not easy. Many victims experience emotional pain and suffering, financial instability, reduced lifestyle and strained personal relationships. In addition to the damages such as medical costs and lost wages, our legal system allows a person who is negligently injured by another an award of pain and suffering.

Spinal cord injuries and medical experts

Many of our clients are patients at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta, Georgia. We encourage our clients to seek the best possible medical treatment. From our legal perspective, we need the best medical experts to testify on behalf of our spinal injury clients. Whether it is the Kessler Institute or Mayo Clinic, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, or Shepherds here in Atlanta, we use medical experts from world class facilities to assist in helping our catastrophic spine injury clients to recover the maximum value for his or her case.

Catastrphic damages caused by a spinal cord injury

Evaluating the true long-term monetary damages which flow from a spinal cord injury is one of the most important steps in a legal case involving spinal cord injuries. Only an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney has the skill to accurately assess these monetary damages. From our downtown law offices on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Peachtree Law (Rowen & Klonoski, P.C.) has provided attorney representation and legal services to spinal cord victims since 1979. We represent individuals throughout the Atlanta metro area, the State of Georgia, and across the US. We have helped our clients by working hard to get them the largest settlement or verdict possible. We can, and will, do the same for you.

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