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Wrongful Death Attorney in Georgia

In the State or Superior Courts in Atlanta, Georgia, or in any civil court in the United States, a skilled wrongful death attorney needs the experience, tenacity, and resources to prevail and thereby provide the financial security necessary for bereaved families to go on with their lives. R&K has provided wrongful death attorney representation to families of deceased fathers, mothers, and children in cases ranging from automobile accident fatalities to homicides. Often in a wrongful death case, the legal system is not always mindful of what the loss of a love one means to surviving family members. The Georgia wrongful death statute is complex and technical. It provides for compensation not compassion. The survivors and the estate of the deceased have rights but only insofar as allowed under the Georigia wrongful death statute. An experienced wrongful death lawyer that has handle numerous wrongful death cases understands not only the ins and outs of the law, but that same lawyer must have the skill and ability to convey to a jury the full personal meaning of what the loss of this human has done to this family. R&K attorneys have the compassion and legal ability the allow the survivors of, and the estate of a wrongful death victim to recover all that the law allows for their aweful loss.

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The "How" and "Why" of Wrongful Death in Atlanta

The Georgia wrongful death statute sets out the technicalities of exactly what a plaintiff is allowed to ask for from a jury. For instance, "full value of a life" means not only the money the decedent would have made if he or she had lived, but also the intangible aspect. The courts have recognized that life is unique and has a value separate from the economic value of a person's life, so that a jury can place a value on each individual's life, even if that person had never been employed during his lifetime. The Georgia wrongful death law was enacted to deter the defendant from future bad conduct. It is not necessarily based on the decedent's income prior to his death, or based on a specific amount spent by the family.

As you can see, the GA law is technical and complicated. The attorneys at R&K can assess your family's potential wrongful death claim, let you know up front how your facts fit into the requirements set out in the law, whether your claim is one which should be pursued and what expected value it will have. Feel free to email us or call us to have an attorney talk to you about your situation.