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There are many types of injuries for which victims can be compensated. Injuries resulting from a driver’s negligence which causes an accident, a doctor or hospital’s negligence which results in medical malpractice, negligent security at an apartment complex or retail store, or negligence of staff at a nursing home are only a few of the types of injuries for which the law specifically allows compensation. Sometimes there is more than one person or entity who might have responsibility. For example, when a pedestrian is killed by a car, the driver of the car might bear some of the responsibility, but the contractors who left equipment in the roadway which caused the driver not to see the pedestrian may also have responsibility. Or in a medical malpractice situation, both an individual doctor and a hospital may be negligent. Call us for a free consultation. Our many years of experience will help to identify individuals or corporate entities that might have legal responsibility for your injuries. Please see our dropdown menu under “Practice Areas” for more details about specific personal injury claims. .