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Divorce and Family Law Trials By Fire:


The firm has completed several trials so far in 2014 with very favorable results for our clients.  Most family law cases do not go to trial. Cases where child custody is contested and one parent is asserting that the other is unfit are exceptions to that rule.

May 2014, Divorce and Child Support Agreement

In May, 2014, we were successful bringing justice to a father who was falsely accused of domestic violence in the beginning of case.  The trial judge returned him to the home he had been banished from for more than two years.  The GAL was recommending that the mother have the children primarily and the father have the children almost half the time (3 out of 7 overnights).  The judge found that the father had been the children’s primary parent prior to separation and she returned the father to the primary parent status of his three children after more than two years of him having weekend visitation.  The mother was also ordered to pay the father spousal maintenance and child support.  The father was awarded the family home at trial that the mother was asserting was her separate property.



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