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My HERO.... Best Lawyer Ever

There’s no B.S.'n her... She is straight to the point... As the responding counsel said to me personally, in the last court battle, "Fighting her in court was like fighting a bulldog on fight night!". I love her to death and she is my HERO for saving my son from witnessing a life time of bad decision making by his father and that side of the family... I have recommended her to over 20ppl and about 17 have out of those 20 have chosen her for their savior and i currently have retained her again 3 years latter to finalize my custody case...
She helped make my life my life

Fabulous Family Law Attorney

Veronica is a tenacious advocate, dedicated and thorough. She is experienced, diligent and extremely intelligent. Veronica is able to listen and respond quickly with great honest advice. I would definitely recommend her. She achieves great results for her clients. She is fabulous in presenting matters to the court because of her extensive criminal law experience.

Excellent Attorney

Veronica Freitas has handled my divorce case and has done an excellent job. She has answered all of my questions in a timely manner, saved me money and, explained the process, and advocated for me to reach a fair and equitable settlement without the high cost of a trial which neither myself nor my ex wanted. She returns communication quickly and knows the law. I would recommend her and her staff for any legal matter you may have.

Very good lawyer

I am a client of veronica's and have to say, hiring her was a very good decision. Originally I was very skeptical of getting a lawyer and tried to work out our custody child plan without getting the courts involved. My ex was not being very cooperative and contacted the police for a verbal argument we had previously.

I then realize that I needed a lawyer and perhaps two, one to deal with my child custody and another to deal with the criminal matter (if needed). I knew that the main priority would be to handle the child custody matter first. I contacted a few family lawyers and went to one for a consultation. I told her my story (including a possible criminal case) and she referred me to Veronica because of her experience with the family and criminal court system.

After meeting Veronica, I was relieved that she can handle both of my matters and was very impressed with her knowledge and attitude towards my situation that I had. She listened to what I would like happen regarding my child and she was very cooperative and trustworthy. I followed her guidance through the whole matter and in result, have the child custody plan that I proposed and had the police matter be squashed without going into trial.

I would gladly hire Veronica for all other family matters that would arise and feel if it wasn't for her guidance and representation, I would be in worse situation regarding both matters.

Fight For You.... especially MOMS!!!!

Amazing!!!! ...Wrapping up our case now. If you're a mother dealing with a crazy ex trying to rob you of your Rights, know laws are changing to support men (Avoid Snohomish County if possible (move if you need to)), however, there are many ways to prepare, but you must start right now! Go to the library, book store, online, liz library, law libraries at UW, downtown King Co. Law, Sno county, etc. Read up on Residential schedules, parenting evals, GAL's, read some case law, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! Then set ALL emotions ASIDE. NOW!!! Get Objective!!!! Think Objectively! Write Objectively!!! Remove the emotions and detail the FACTS. KNOW YOUR FOCUS is your child or children and have their best interest at heart in everything you say, write, detail. Have all friends and family and community spend time with you and your children and have them write character letters for you. Request all medical files, including your children's. Evaluate them. DO It ALLL NOW. Think big picture. And hire Veronica as early as possible!!!! ....She's down to earth, confident, rational and objective, well educated on the law, an amazing negotiator that won't back down to any man or anything, yet knows just the right moment and thing to say/ask/do, thinks on her feet! ...Super In Touch and Emotionally supportive! Blunt, so know this, but honest, informed, funny, .......On my case, we were dealing with a "sports celebrity" and Veronica negotiated fairly but to my advantage. When the opposing party put on the pressure, she rose to the occasion, steadfastly, and we got what we wanted!!! I highly recommend her! Best Wishes! .....More detail coming soon.

"When I hired Veronica, the high priced attorney who hadn't done a thing for me in eighteen months but stall and ring up unnecessary drama and legal fees had left my case because of my ex's termination. Stuck in the midst of a chaotic custody drama where domestic violence played a major role and with an upcoming motion, I didn't want to go to court pro se."

"Veronica Freitas is an exceptional attorney. She fully invested herself in my case; I cannot say enough great things about her. Although she has many other clients and a busy court schedule she actually took her own personal time to accompany me in a potentially dangerous situation. She comes to court fully prepared and is well equipped to deal with false information, definitely getting to the crux of the issue. Divorce cases are stressful for the client, particularly when they are dealing with constant violations of restraining orders, harassment and the desire on one parties’ agenda to financially ruin the other. Veronica handles all of these concerns with calm and wisdom. She does not suggest frivolous court appearances as other family attorneys do in order to get huge fees. Additionally Veronica returns phone calls and emails letting her client know that she indeed is aware of the issues at hand and how best to handle them. She takes the time to listen and offer suggestions as well as keeping everything on task."

"My husband's attorney has always gotten away with her intimidation of me in the courtroom. The first time in court, Veronica realized what was going on and made a point to put an end to it and made me feel safe in the courtroom. She is powerful in her calm presence and has shut down my ex's attorney at each exchange. Veronica doesn’t play into the drama of frivolous legal tit for tat, and she’s not into drumming up additional legal costs either."

"Recommended by a friend, I met with Veronica and immediately knew that she was the one to advocate for my children and me. Veronica always answers her own phone, her own emails and thankfully works harder than any attorney I've ever encountered."

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