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Work on Making Your Divorce as Smooth as Possible

Going through a divorce impacts different people in different ways more times than not.

That said some individuals dealing with a divorce can see it have an impact on their jobs. When that happens, their careers could be placed in jeopardy.

So that your divorce has as little an impact on your job as possible, make sure you work with the right Seattle family law attorney.

He or she can help you lessen the chances your divorce could lead to problems in the workplace and even a job dismissal.

So, are you ready to make that call today to get the right legal pro handling your case?

Let a Seattle Family Attorney Stand in Your Corner

In dealing with your divorce, your family law attorney in Seattle can help you cover all your bases.

Among areas to focus in on:

  • Divorce settlement – You want to get the best possible divorce settlement you can. If you do not, there’s a good chance it will wear on you over time. As such, it can mean to less concentration in the workplace. If your job performance begins to fall off, you could be in danger of losing your position. If you get pretty much all you want out of the settlement, there is a good chance you will be content with the proceedings. It may even lead you to find someone over time that makes you happier when it comes to your personal life. If that’s the case, your workplace performance could get better.
  • Job hours – In the event you end up sharing custody of your children with your ex or you have them full-time moving forward, it can impact the hours you are at work. With that in mind, sit down with your supervisor and discuss the arrangements you and your ex have agreed to or the courts have ordered. It may mean having to alter your work hours as it relates to taking the children to school or picking them up, making sure they get to their doctor appointments etc.
  • Ex causing you problems – Although many partners finally see the light that the marriage is over, some do not. If you end up in the latter case, talk to your supervisor and your legal counsel. One or both may need to act to make it so you are not bothered at work by your ex. The last thing you want is your divorce causing you distractions in the workplace. If it does, your employer may decide that the trouble is not worth it to them.

In working with the best family law attorney out there, make sure your career is never overlooked.

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