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It is becoming more and more common for divorces to involve international child custody filings in this new world of globalization and high technologies. Most of these international custody cases often entail situations where one parent may illegally take their child to the country of his or her original country. International treaties and federal law through parties such as OCSE governs international custody disputes and Custody. Parents who have children who are forcibly taken from one country to another may hire agencies which have been established to aid parents in attempting to fight for the childs return, especially if the child’s life is in endangered.  

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Many of the issues that occur involve child abduction where a parent wrongfully removes a child from his or her country or refuses to honor a Court order and return the child to the country of residence. From time to time extraordinary allegations of emotional and physical abuse are involved in these cases.

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At Freitas law Group our dedication to helping our clients who may find themselves in need of someone to help them protect their rights in international custody matters. Veronica is more than just a licensed attorney who practices law. She provides a service of knowledge and experience as well as integrity. She has worked with these types of agencies and has the experience and know how to navigate the family court system. Our skillful attorney and staff of paralegals are practiced at representing our clients in these types of multifaceted intercontinental issues and achieving results that protect the parents and their child’s best interests.

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