Children Issues

General Family Law


As bad as a divorce can be for many couples, it is made all the worse oftentimes when there are children involved.

In the event you are in the process of a divorce (with children), do you have a Seattle area divorce attorney to assist you?

Finding the right attorney to handle your child custody issues is imperative; especially given the emotional (and sometimes physical) impact divorce can have on kids.

Once you have a divorce attorney in Seattle on your side, they will discuss with you how to position yourself to obtain the best residential schedule/parenting plan with your child(ren).

Among the important items to cover in your client-attorney discussions:

  • What the court might decide is in the best interests of the child or children in your case;
  • What arrangements are to be made in the event joint custody is awarded to both parents;
  • What amount of child support you may be responsible for (this of course depends on the respective incomes of both parents);
  • What happens if you and/or your soon-to-be former spouse move out of your current state? Make sure you understand the rules regarding possibly taking a child out of state while having an equal residential schedule or a primary parent.

Your child custody attorney needs to be one who has a proven record of getting results for his or her clients, along with having an understanding of what the other side is likely to seek.

Given how emotional such times can be for all parties involved, make sure you contact a Seattle family law attorney willing to go to bat for you and your children.

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