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Will a Criminal Record Doom Your Chances at Child Custody?

Going through a divorce for many people can be a difficult time, both from a physical and mental state.

Matters can be made even more challenging when you are fighting for child custody.

That said do you have any chance of gaining full or even partial custody of your child if you have a criminal record?

Unless your criminal record involves crimes against children (including your own), domestic violence, and/or crimes of a sexual nature, do not assume that all hope is lost in gaining some degree of custody.

In those cases, contacting a Seattle divorce attorney is highly recommended.

He or she can work with you, your soon-to-be ex spouse’s legal team, and the courts, allowing all to come up with a custody arrangement that does not prohibit you from having time with your children.

In working with a divorce attorney in Seattle, be sure to discuss the following:

  • Your criminal record including what you went to jail for and how long you served. If the crime/punishment many years ago, it may have little to no impact on your efforts to secure custody of your children;
  • If you are currently gainfully employed. If so, are you able to provide financially for your children?
  • Are you currently paying child support?
  • Do you have anyone to speak on your behalf to indicate that you are a good parent?

While the best interests of the child is typically the overriding factor in any custody dispute, a divorce attorney can best answer your questions as to whether you could get some custody of your child or be restricted to overnight or supervised visits etc.

Despite your past, a criminal record may not necessarily keep you and your children apart for years to come.

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