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Does Your Prison Record Mean No Contact with Your Children?

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No matter what you went to prison for, you still hope to one day have as normal a relationship as possible with your children.

In the event you’re in the process of a divorce, is it possible you may never see your child or children ever again?

A prison record (even a short one) can influence the outcome of a child custody hearing, so don’t take it lightly.

That said reaching out to a Washington divorce law attorney is your best bet to secure partial custody of your children or at least obtain visitation rights.

When you meet with your family law attorney in Seattle, be sure to brief him or her on the following:

  • Prison record - What did you serve time in prison for? How recently did you get out from behind bars? In most cases, instances other than sex crimes and/or harm to your spouse or children will not prevent you from some relationship with your kid/s moving forward in a divorce;
  • Relationship with your soon-to-be ex – Have you had a rather solid relationship up to now with your spouse? What is the reason or reasons you two are divorcing? What kind of relationship have you had with your child or children? In many cases, judges will allow for partial custody or at least visitation rights if both are not seen as doing harm to the child involved;
  • Current status – Are you gainfully employed at this time? If not, how would you support your child or children if you obtain partial custody? Even with possible visitation rights, you would still be expected to have a regular source of income;
  • Plans moving forward – Whether you are or are not employed at this time means a lot. That said a judge sitting in on any child custody hearing will want to know how you plan to support your child/children moving forward. Make sure you and your legal team has all the bases covered to give you a better chance at spending time with those you love most.

In meeting with your family law attorney, keep in mind that all hope is not lost.

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