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Prenuptial, Spousal, Community Property, Cohabitation Agreements in Seattle

As long as the correct legal protections and formalities are followed, unmarried and married persons may enter into contracts with each other before, during and/or after a marriage or relationship to provide structure and predictability regarding such matters as their children, property, businesses and other concerns. A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into by the parties in anticipation of marriage that defines what will happen if and when the marriage ends due to dissolution or death. Spousal, community property and cohabitation agreements are contracts entered into during the marriage or relationship to define how matters will be handled at the end of the marriage or relationship due to dissolution or death. A separation agreement is a contract between spouses who are separating, whether or not future plans involve dissolution, and typically addresses property division.

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An individual who is contemplating one of these agreements needs a lawyer who understands how to handle their intricate and delicate nature. V. Freitas Law has the expertise needed to determine whether or not such agreements are right for you and, if so, to effectively draft and see them through to completion.

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