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Is an International Child Custody Dispute Awaiting Your Divorce?

Given the tenuous state of one’s divorce, it is not uncommon for a myriad of emotions and issues to arise.

That said an international child custody dispute can certainly arise in divorces, an issue that can throw a wrench in the plans of two people trying to peacefully dissolve their marriage.

In the event you find yourself embroiled in an international child custody dispute during your divorce, reaching out to a Seattle family law attorney is the right call to make.

He or she can work with you to find a solution to your international child custody issue. In doing so, your divorce can be less traumatic than what might have been.

So, will you take that first step and contact a family law attorney in Seattle today?

Let a Seattle Family Law Attorney Fight for Your Rights

In order to better understand what is at stake in an international child custody battle during a divorce, take note of the following questions you hope to have answers for:

  • What if my partner is seeking to take our children back to their home land? What rights do I have to stop them from doing so?
  • If my soon-to-be ex has already taken our children out of the country, what can I do to get them back here? Of most importance, do not assume you have nowhere to turn. With the right family law attorney working for you, you have a fighting chance.
  • What if we are here in the U.S. on a work-visa? How will that impact our divorce and custody matter?
  • Will the age and/or health of my children be a factor in deciding custody?
  • Should I temporarily relocate to the country where my children are to legally fight to get them back?


Given how important your children are to you, having the right legal counsel by your side is imperative.

Do everything possible when it comes to doing what is in your child’s best interests.

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