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July 2014,

In July, we tried the fourth contested custody case in as many months. We represented the father who had an every other weekend schedule with his four year old daughter under the temporary parenting plan. He was paying the mother a very high level of child support and spousal maintenance. A parenting evaluator investigated this case and recommended a 50/50 parenting plan. The parties had only been married four years. The mother had not worked during the marriage and she was seeking two additional years in spousal maintenance. The parenting evaluation raised many concerning issues about her parenting. At trial, the child was removed from the mother’s custody immediately following closing arguments. The final parenting plan places the child in the father’s care primarily. The mother’s residential time is limited to one overnight every two weeks and 2 three hour visits each week. The mother was given spousal maintenance for only six additional months at half the amount she had been receiving and attorney’s fees of only $7,500. The mother was ordered to pay child support to the father.



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