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Supporting Your Rights in a Family Breakup

You certainly did not get married and start a family with the intent of it all ending one day.

That said a divorce when children are involved can either be relatively calm or unfortunately get quite nasty over time.

No matter which side of the child support fence you are on, finding a child support attorney in Washington State doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

With the right Washington State child support attorney in your corner, you can either pursue your significant other in making sure they properly fulfill their court-ordered child support duties or you can defend your rights if you feel you are being unfairly treated by the courts and your ex.

In the event you are pressing your ex for more child support, a family law attorney in Washington State is there to assist you in getting what is rightfully yours to support your child.

In such cases, provide the family law attorney with the following:

  • Ex’s income – How much has your ex been making in their current job or jobs? Does it appear he or she is hiding some money in another account, thereby skirting paying you what has been deemed necessary to support your children?
  • Ex’s actions – Has your ex made any comments or demonstrated actions to show they would not pay you what was necessary to care for your children moving forward?

In the event you are fighting your ex in terms of what amount of child support they are seeking, provide your Washington State family law attorney with the following:

  • Ex’s income – Is your ex the primary source of income in the family? If so, do you feel he or she is trying to get you to pay money you do not have?
  • Ex’s actions – Has your ex made it clear they will try and get you to pay child support, even though he or she does not need it given their present income?

Given how children oftentimes end up getting caught in the middle, having the right legal time on your side can help make sure your children are properly cared for once mom or dad is no longer living under the family roof.

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